Finish a Thought

Interior Redesign by Finish a Thought.

Does your home seem cluttered and uninviting?

Maybe all you need is a new approach to living with the things you already have.

Booth # 73 at Featherstone Antique Mall


We use your existing furnishings in a whole new way.
Why waste money on expensive interior design services.
We will evaluate your furnishings and offer creative alternatives for using what you already own.
Personal shopping for inexpensive items to round out your décor.

“I gained a new room in my home when Finish a Thought transformed a cluttered storage area that was my living room into a studio apartment.” B.D.Herrick

We help you with the disposal of unwanted items through our contacts in the local non-profit charities, antiques and collectibles industry, and the second hand store business along with haulers that can be used to take away unwanted junk.

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