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Quiet Strength, By Tony Dungy with Nathan Whitaker

Narrated by Peter Jay Fernandez, Copyright 2007 Tony Dungy, Copyright 2008 Recorded Books

This book by Tony Dungy is a compelling story of discipline and moral courage and it gives you an insight into the almost unknown religious culture within the NFL. 

It carries you through Dungy’s early life in college until his Super Bowl win while he was the head coach at Indianapolis.   His decision to forgo money to play in the NFL instead of the Canadian Football League placed him on the path to become an example of how much character plays in leading a winning team. His private life is an example of the moral life that encompasses everything he does.

Learn the approach he followed to become a winning coach, and much of what you gain is an appreciation for a strong defense of principles and his disciplined attachment to staying the course and not deviating from this philosophy. He focused on doing basic things very well rather than changing strategies or going for gimmicks instead of staying the course when the inevitable losses occur.

Coaching is a science and an art and a place where character and values come together with specific skills related to sports science, strategy, and game theory.  This book will show you that all of these can work together for a better result.

I recommend this book for coaches, players, and fans of any sport.  It can give you an insight into the mind a coach worth studying.

Reprinted with permission given by the reviewer: Brent Herrick

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