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Retire Happy
What you can do now to guarantee a Great Retirement
By Ralph Warner and Richard Stim
Copyright 2008 by Nolo

Book Review by Brent Herrick - May 4, 2008

This book is a compendium of retirement information and advice. It bridges the gap between books that focus on the philosophy of retirement and others that give you the basic technical aspects of retirement planning. The authors accomplish this with a thorough analysis of the psychological considerations that come to the forefront as part of the process toward determining what constitutes a retirement plan. The concept of including happiness into the plan as a separate from pure financial considerations is a fresh approach. Think of money, health, family, and activities as the primary building blocks of a happy retirement. The book lists these as the four “The Four Things You Need in Retirement.”

A whole chapter is devoted to health and the concept of regaining it even if you have had problems throughout your life. Poor health in retirement can be prevented with effort and this book does give many clear examples in what to do in this area of keeping your health.

Most of us find the means to getting through life through friends. The authors counsel the reader to find friends through all the available means such as activities, online social networks, and even getting a pet. All of these ideas provide sound advice and are clearly within the reach of most people.

Other portions of this book deal with financial considerations that are mainstream and many ideas that are available freely online and in print, but here, are all in once place for your ready research. In addition there is valuable legal advice regarding pensions, property, and estate planning that alone are worth the cost of the book.

It is well worth having as a reference tool in your retirement planning kit.

Four Stars - Recommend

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