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Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan, Keeping Your Money Safe & Sound

Copyright 2008 by Suze Orman

Published by Spiegel and Grau,

ISBN: 978-0-385-53093-4

Book Review by Brent Herrick

March 22, 2009

 Suze Orman has created a timely book for coping with the current financial disaster that has many in fear and apprehension about the future.  She covers circumstance specific actions that you can take to reduce your stress and increase your comfort and safety level. 

Credit Collapse Outline: In chapters one and two she details the causes of the financial mess we are in and the new realities that we are all facing as a result of this credit collapse and now stock market collapse.

In chapter three Orman details how to cope with risk to your credit and she supplies tactics that may help you maintain and improve your credit score and focus on getting up over 720.  Paying down your debt is of course the central tenet of this approach and you will find this consistent with any good financial advice about coping with the tight credit markets. Other categories of financial survival included in this book are saving, spending, real estate, paying for college, how to protect your family, and some predictions for the future.

Retirement investing is a sore subject for most of us nowadays as most index related portfolios are down 40-50%.  Orman continues to argue for maintaining your investment in stocks and even continuing to invest in them.  One thing that bothers me about that is that she doesn’t follow her own advice according to an MSN Money-Central article entitled Stop Listening to Suze Orman, where it states that she only invests less than 3% of her net worth in the market.  This is an amazing contradiction, if true, and puts into doubt all of her regular investment advice beyond paying down debt and methods of handing credit.

Recommended With Caution: I recommend reading this book if you can find it at the library since it does a good job of organizing your approach to some of the difficulties that the current economy presents and might give you some creative ideas.  Beyond that, I think that the book is still attempting to sell stocks when the truth is that no one knows what the future is regarding the stock market and the economy in general.


Caveat Emptor


Read this article to give you the caution on advice given by one of the most popular financial gurus of this era within the U.S.A. Stop Listening to Suze Orman

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