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Web MD  - This is an exceptional commercial website related to health information, treatments, and research.  It is a well set-up site, easily navigated, and visually appealing.  In terms of ease of use, it is one of the best.

Mayo Clinic - Everyone has heard of the Mayo Clinic. This site offers an approach to illness that is unique. It helps you manage a condition that you know exists. Explore the site to gain insight on the Mayo Clinic approach to medical information. Healthy living information is also available.

AA Health A-Z Lookup – This page on the aahealth website is a useful collection of links for specific health related issues.  It is a great bookmark for your website favorites in that most anything related to health with an Anne Arundel County focus is found in this index.

Drug Interactions Checker - This is a method for finding and determining the interactions between drugs that you may be taking or prescribed.

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Maryland – This is the main Maryland website and can be used to access health resources and services made available by the state.

Anne Arundel County – This site will help residents of Anne Arundel County find access to health services and information sources.

AA county Department of Health – This site relates all conditions and issues related to Anne Arundel County in the area of health.  Locations of local health services are found here.  Geographically specific information related the bay and water communities, and other aspects of the unique environmental conditions of the county.

Anne Arundel County Health and Hospital information.

Medline Plus Drug Information – This site will be used to find reliable information about drugs and herbal remedies.

Maryland Pharmacy Assistance Program – This site will be used to examine the Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy Assistance program for low-income residents.

Wal-Mart – Pharmacy – The Wal-Mart generic drug program can be examined on this website.  Find the generic equivalent of any current medications you may regularly use to see if available as part of the program.

Rite Aid Pharmacy – Flu shot schedules are available from this site for those that do not have other local access to free flu shots.  Other uses of this website include information on Rite Aid Services.

CVS Pharmacy - Free RX shipping from CVS is found on this website.  Other services include Flu shot schedules, refill reminders, and an online pricing schedule for prescription drugs.

NIH Health - Visit the health section of the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute on Aging, with an added demonstration of the functional capabilities of the website.

NIH - National Institute on Aging


Anne Arundel County Health Databases - Visiting the health and wellness resource center within this site will show you how to access recent health news, use an online medical encyclopedia to find out information on a specific disease or condition, find information on particular drugs, find health organizations, and use health assessment tools available on the site to include calculators and risk assessment tools.  A link page to other sites will show other primary information locations on the web.

Rate - This commercial site that allows patients to rate their doctors and leave specific information about their personal and medical approach.

Insurance Rates - See the current market based approach for finding the best price on health related insurance of all types.

Avoiding Quacks - It is useful to see that many sites listed are not seen as reliable or trusted sources of medical information.

Health on the Net Foundation - Users will find this site a great resource to determine the accuracy of many of the health related websites in existence and gives accreditation for those websites that meet the standards set by the international organization.

AARP Health guide - This senior specific health website operated by the AARP is an excellent source of information for retirees and has many areas of content that help seniors work toward wellness and health rather than focusing simply on diseases. Used as a gateway site, this is a great starting point for many seniors.

Understanding medical information - This website offers consumer oriented explanations of medical information sources and helps decipher the complex terminology used in medical care.

FDA - Buying Online - This site lists the many drugs, devices, and products that are know to be either worthless or examples of puffery in advertising.

Health Information On-Line - This FDA web site gives detailed explanations of the value and function of various medical sites and promotes use of governmental websites as reliable and unbiased sources of information. – Health - The class will visit this site to examine the extensive sections dedicated to aging and elder care, buying smart, choosing quality health care, dieting and weight control, disease, drugs, exercise and fitness, and Insurance. Center for Disease Control - This site is the best place to get up-to-date information on communicable diseases and is an important resource for travelers and those with weaker immune systems that want to limit risk of exposure.

Health and Human Services - This government site has extensive information on aging related issues and will be explored as an additional resource for topics relevant to seniors.

FTC – buying online - This site warns against buying medical items or services online and describes many of the recent scams now running on the web.

American Heart Association - The early warning signs of a heart attack and stroke, diseases, conditions, CPR training, and heart safe diets are the topics covered on this site.

American Cancer Society - This organization offers information, support, and an opportunity to help in the fight against cancer.

Cancer – This is the primary cancer information site from the U.S. Government.  The information available on this site is considered the most reliable on the subject.  Students will learn to use this site.

Support Groups - Forums - This site is a resource for those suffering from disease that need to get support, advice, and perspective on how to cope. It is designed to act as a community of individuals with similar experiences.

National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases – Those suffering from Allergies or Infectious diseases will find this site useful.  As a primary source of medical information, this site is useful when analyzing medical recommendations and treatments for maladies.

National Institutes of Health  - This website is the all-encompassing source for information relating to the governmental objectives and efforts related to health.  It is useful for visitors of this site to understand the wide-ranging aspects of government involvement and investment in health services.  - Lean about nutrition, food, eating, and diets.  This site gives the medical and research community perspective on nutritional information.  This is useful when considering diets and health efforts related to nutrition.

Alzheimer Disease - NIH – National Institute on Aging has a functional website for use in recognizing this disease and understanding the causes, and methods of detection.

Alzheimer Disease – This is the Main Website for the Alzheimer Association.  Students will examine the various aspects of the site to include the section on education that will offer up a complete explanation of the disease.  Current research and results are listed.

NIH Health - Visit the health section of the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute on Aging, with an added demonstration of the functional capabilities of the website.

NIH - National Institute on Aging


Medline plus (NIH and U.S. National Library of Medicine)  - This premier site from the government related to drugs, treatments, information, and is an excellent source of links to other primary sources of information.

World Health Organization – This site gives visitors and international perspective on health issues.  Current outbreaks of disease are listed as well as ongoing projects to improve the health in underdeveloped regions of the world.

CDC – Travel – This aspect of the Center for Disease Control is a useful source for travelers to other countries.  It gives up-to-date reports on outbreaks in specific regions and health threats that exist for travelers.


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