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Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Here's how to save lots of money on prescription glasses.

By Brent Herrick

I had just received my prescription glasses from what I thought was a low cost provider located in a wholesale membership club. $250 seemed like a great deal compared to the starting price of $450 for a single vision pair of glasses for sale at the ophthalmologist so I went ahead and paid the price. A few months later I needed computer glasses and was offered a price of $100 from the same optical center.

About the same time I decided to find out what I could about other local prices so I typed in cheap prescription glasses and noticed the first result to come up was and the price of $8 jumped out in front of me on the screen.  What's this, is it possible for me to get a pair of prescription glasses for around $10?

 I figured the risk was minimal

So I went through the process of applying my prescription to the online order page and came up with a total price of $12.95 for a pair of aviator style frames with spring arms and single vision delivered by US Mail.  In ten days my glasses arrived and at first I thought there were plain lenses in the frame without prescription since they were so clear, but I was in my car and just happened to be looking at the dashboard controls that are by the same distance that the computer lenses are designed to correct.  Looking out the car window I now noticed the blur when viewing into the distance so I then knew they were prescription.  I've been using them ever since for computer work and have found them to be excellent in prescription quality compared to the expensive ones. 


For do it yourselfers that want to save lots of money here is the method

To correctly order your glasses you need to take the time to understand how the prescription is written and calculated by using the website at  Go to the section under general information and start from the top with each category. 

Begin with "How to Order" and read through it to give you a general idea of what you need to do. 

From there the section on "Your Prescription" gives you details on understanding the prescription and this will give you an idea on what you need to place the order correctly, and look in particular for the PD number that is often not listed on prescriptions unless you ask for it.  Depending on whether you want glasses for reading, computer, or distance, you'll have to make the correct calculations with the prescription numbers.   It's not hard once you read the directions, but do check yourself on this since it is easy to misunderstand what to do with the add numbers.

Choosing a frame is important in that you want it to fit well and to be able to handle your prescription, so if you already have glasses from a previous prescription, see if you can get the frame size numbers off of that frame.  Read the section on "Choosing a Frame" and you'll understand how to pick the frame size and make sense of the numbers on your existing frame.

Payment with a credit card is easy and delivery information is available under "production/shipping."

Since the first order I have ordered five more pairs of various single vision glasses for all the uses I have including distance with 80% tint, reading, and back up for each category.  All of those have been excellent and work as required for reading, computer work, and long distance prescription sunglasses.

I haven't ordered from other companies for this service since Zenni was the first I found online and they have done such a superb job that I don't see a reason to look elsewhere.  My first order took ten days to arrive and the others somewhere between 12 and 16 days.  That is just as fast as it took to get them back from the local wholesale club optician at for a much lower price. 

If you want to save a huge amount of money on eyeglasses I have found the online method of obtaining your glasses to well worth taking the time to do it yourself versus shopping a retail storefront.



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