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AACounty Preparedness

Here is a list of things you can do to protect your family in Emergencies.

Protecting your family in emergencies is generally a matter of advance preparation combined with knowledge and a plan. Here are a number of US Govt. websites that provide the necessary information.

The most extensive source of information on this subject is headed by FEMA and is covered in the book published by this agency titled "Are You Ready?"

This book is available from the Anne Arundel County Library system. It contains sections on Basic Preparedness, Natural Hazards, Technological Hazards, Terrorism, and Recovering from Disaster.

Another web page is listed on the FEMA site as plan ahead and is a useful information source for various survival preparations that you might need to consider depending on your geographic location.

A website named is a simple resource to get direct information on preparation.

For the personal health aspects of emergency survival the CDC emergency preparedness & response site is a great resource.


Preparedness in Anne Arundel County is the subject of a number of web sites that are set up by the county government.

This PDF file download page provided by Anne Arundel County is a 8 page brochure on specific county considerations in disaster preparedness.

Anne Arundel County Department of Health maintains an Emergency Preparedness and Response page.

Anne Arundel County Office of Emergency Management is a general information page for business preparation for emergencies.

Pandemic Preparedness

Here is a list of preparedness books available through the Anne Arundel County Library system.

"Just in Case - How to be self-sufficient when the unexpected happpens," copyright 2008 by Kathy Harrison, ISBN: 978-1-60342-035-8

"Living Safe in An Unsafe World," by Kate Kelly, copyright 2000, ISBN: 0-451-40932-9

"The Encyclopedia of Survival Techniques," by Alexander Stillwell, copyright 2000, ISBN: 1-58574-062-4

Making the effort to prepare yourself for emergencies is a prudent way to protect your family.

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