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Computer Security

Business Checking Accounts at Risk

Here is a list of ways to protect your computer.

Since most computers used today use some version of the Microsoft Windows operating system it is a good idea to follow some of the advice from Microsoft regarding computer security. Here is a link to their security recommendations. Microsoft Protect.

Password Concepts: Protecting your computer from security risks involves controlling access to your system. Weak passwords are trouble and are the first line of defense for protecting your online accounts and computer access. Creating secure passwords requires some thought and information regarding the best approach for each application. Here are some password links. Microsoft has a complete information page on password creation, follow this link, Microsoft Password Protection.

Malicious software removal is recommended to correct slow operation and to find problems not ordinarily detected with antivirus software. Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Malware Information Wiki

Antivirus Software:

Email Security: Here are some information sources to describe some email concepts to prevent security problems. Email Security.

Web Surfing:

World Wide Web Wiki

Learn the Web

Infosec Web Surfing Security Tips

Microsoft Web Safety Security Settings

Surf the Web Anonymously

Wireless Network Security: information

Spyware and Adware:

Spyware Wiki

Web Browser Security:

Browser Security Reviews

Browser Downloads from CNET

Firewall Security:

Microsoft Firewall Information

Free Firewall Links

This list of computer security links should help you improve your understanding of the issues and requirements to improve your safety and security.

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